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Isotherm facility includes 2 Nos Warehouse Sheds of size 60m (L) x 30m (W) Mtr & 80m (L) x 30m (W) Mtr for manufacturing the panels and related flashings & accessories with Store/ Office & Security Block spread over a space of 20,000 m2 of plot and in that ample space of 10,000 m2 only for finished goods and raw material storage.

There has been a need to introduce high quality insulated panels in the construction & cold storage industry in U.A.E and Middle East for many years. ISOTHERM was set up to address this market deficiency, offering a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where quality pre-insulated panel products can be manufactured with short delivery time using approved raw materials and skilled labour.

With the aim to provide the best quality products and service, “ISOTHERM” uses only high-quality raw materials. The insulation foam comes from global suppliers and metal facings come with strict adherence to European norms. In order to ensure that ISOTHERM’s promise of high quality products is kept, a comprehensive quality system and procedures are set up, achieving local and international quality requirements. Various raw material, in process and finished product tests are run on a continuous basis and records for each and every project are kept in archives.

ISOTHERM recognises that even the best system is only as good as the people operating it, keeping this in mind employees experienced professionals from the industry, to provide not only the best products but also best service. ISOTHERM’s promise to its clients comes with a lot of reasons for you to choose it as your industrial panel supplier. We use the latest technology available to produce the highest quality industrial panels in big quantities on time. The proven track record and the experience of the management validates ISOTHERM’s quality assurance and timely delivery.

We are committed to preserving the environment and therefore produce green products with quality raw materials.

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