Refrigerated Transport Cabin

Refrigerated Transport Cabin

ISOTHERM felt the need for introducing its own range of insulated cabins for trucks in order to provide a complete mobile cold store solution. At ISOTHERM we manufacture insulated vehicle bodies to the highest standards and guarantee thermal efficency and durablility.

We can build vehicle bodies for pick ups, trucks, vans and trailers as per customer requirments. These bodies are ideal to store / transport food products i.e meat, poultary, fruit, diary and juices. These boxes can maintain temperature as long as -25°c.

ISOTHERM offers its customers a wide variety of high quality accessories, Wind Deflector, Aerodynamic design, Steel Steps, Doors, Rail Holding Straps, Meat Hanging and Temperature Monitoring System from European origin which adds durability of the refrigerated boxes.

The main features & Advantage of insulated Cabins
1. Modern construction Technology
2. Rigid polyurthane panels of high density used in Ceiling, walls and floors with internally reinforced for better durability.
3. Custom made sizes and specification. The insulated cabins are custom built based on the requirement of the customers.
4. Its " Light Weight" body enables achieving high vehicle efficiency related to diesel cunsumption, tyre life and overall vehicle maintenance.
5. The doors are made with high quality imported door accessories to ensure 270 deg opening.
6. The insulated Cabins are best suited for transportation of food products, Medical needs & General preserved Goods.
7. The insulated cabins are fire retardant as per ASTM E84 & Classified as B2
8. Considering GCC roads, insulated cabins are reinforced internally and are made with No joints/ Less joints for strong body and also designed for easy replacement of any    damaged parts.
9. Corners are protected with specially designed Aluminium Anodized Extruded profile for strong and aesthetically pleasant design.

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