Camlock Panels


Tongue & Groove Joint :

The joint of modular cold store panel are made with Tongue & Groove edges which are used in Cold rooms, Clean rooms, and Refrigerated vehicle bodies. The flexibility of these panels is ideal to solve numerous insulation problems that occurs in light weight pre-fabrication. The panel insulation does not deteriorate over time and does not absorb smells, neither toxic nor irritating and also do not support development of fungi or mildew.


Camlock System :

The locking system meet necessary dimensional requirement and gives the flexibility of easy assembly or disassembly. The quality and reliability of the products are guaranteed and ensure great stability and durability of the materials involved in both physical and dimensional terms. The Metal Camlock systems are ideal for Negative temperatures which ensures Zero Condensation.


Corner Panels :

We at ISOTHERM make custom made panels to ensure our products meeting the customer needs. Specifically for the corners of the cold store we make custom made corner panels which ensures better joint and no leakage of Air and No Condensation. These corner panels are aesthetically pleasant and fullfills the technical requirements.


Ceiling Cut back Panels :

Like corner panels we make the specific ceiling and wall connection panels which helps the Ceiling panels to sit perfect on the Wall Panels and also ensures zero air leakage and ensures the quality of the cold store.


Narrow Panels :

The Narrow panels are generally used to avoid cutting the panels in the site. We manufacture the panels for the suitable width and hence the site cutting and fabrication is not required at all. This ensures aesthetic and clean panel fixing. This Panel Customization involves high quality panel production skills with advanced design skills. We at ISOTHERM ensure pre-designed and energy efficient coldstore construction.

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